Christian Theology and Faith and Learning Class has called me to the front line of accountability and has made me more aware of my conduct as a Christian .  Both classes where extremely informal thus far. Since I have began reading, participating in the Discusssion board, The Prayer Room and doing instructed assignments has  placed a balance in my beliefs. The Faith and learning course has challenged me to think for myself. It has  guided me to apply intellect and critical thinking  to my ideas. On page 73 in Habits of the mind, there was a statement that enlightened me “justification by grace through faith” Ellan Charry of Princeton Seminary. This statement spoke so much volume to me. In other words: I am Free from the guilt of  sin and shame because God grace and mercy( divine love and protection)  through faith ( when  I believe). In Chapter II Newman adresses Holiness and the process to live a holy life.  In the book of  Life of the Mind , Nathan Hatch introduces the book  with the statement of ” Our danger has not been too much thinking, but not enough” In the book of the “Idea of  a Christian College’ Explain’s the benifits of a Christian Education and A secular Education. The more I read the more I desire to comply.  If both Classes are just an Introductory Course, I am extremely looking forward to moving forward in the following courses.




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